Tuition Assistance & Scholarships

Tuition Assistance

The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is pleased to offer tuition assistance for individuals and families who may need financial support in their pursuit of music education. We are most grateful to all the donors who make it possible for us to offer this program.

Tuition assistance is available to students wishing to enroll at the Conservatory. Assistance awards are granted to qualifying students to cover a portion of their tuition.

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2018 Mary Horwitt Piano Scholarship

Eligibility: Milwaukee Public School Students, Grades 6 through 11
The application is due February 26, 2018.
One or more scholarships will be awarded of up to $1,000 for piano study at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music for the 2018-2019 school year, beginning in September 2017.


2017-18 Merit Scholarships

We encourage current and future students to apply for our annual scholarship auditions, which are held at our Prospect Ave location.  Scholarship auditions offer a wonderful opportunity for students to have their abilities assessed by professional adjudicators in a positive and supportive environment.  Scholarships are awarded to students at various levels of study who demonstrate talent and achievement.  Those awarded scholarships as a result of auditions on April 30,
2017 must use them for the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters.

Students choose from the following categories for the auditions:
– Strings and Harp
– New Student
– Guitar
– Vocal Arts
– Woodwinds, Brass & Percussion
– Piano
– Jazz

Who Can Apply

Scholarships are based on merit and are awarded to promising students of any age who demonstrate talent and achievement. Qualified judges are selected by each department head for the auditions. Students with past due balances will not be allowed to participate in the auditions.

The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in admissions, financial aid, scholarship, and employment, regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, veteran’s status, national origin, or other legally protected characteristics.


How to Apply

All applicants (or parents/guardians for minors) must complete the required 2017-18 scholarship application form and return it with the $25 non-refundable application fee to Wisconsin Conservatory of Music (1584 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, WI  53202-6501) by Friday, March 31, 2017 at 7:00 pm.

Only complete and legible applications will be accepted. Incomplete or illegible applications will be returned along with the entry fee. Deadlines will not be extended for these applicants. A separate application form and fee must be submitted for each student and each category.

Current Conservatory Students: Request a scholarship application/audition requirements from your instructor. All participants must have the approval of their instructor along with his/her signature on the application form. Applications will not be processed without instructor’s signature.

New Conservatory Students: A new Conservatory student is one who has not previously taken lessons at WCM in the area for which he/she is auditioning.  Submit an application, a written paragraph indicating why you want to study at WCM, and a letter of recommendation from a music teacher.  View 2017-18 audition requirements (PDF).

When & Where

The 2017-18 competition for scholarships will be held at the McIntosh|Goodrich Mansion, 1584 N. Prospect Ave on Sunday, April 30, 2017.

The Conservatory will schedule the auditions. Please reserve the day until you receive your audition time. As judges are specifically chosen for each category, students will not be permitted to audition out of scheduled category time. Each applicant will be notified by mail with the day and time of his/her audition. Once times are assigned, changes cannot be made.

What to Expect

Only the authorized judge(s) and audition officials will hear the audition. Family members and friends are not allowed to sit in on the audition. Contestants will be judged on musical qualities, technique, and performance skills. The department heads, in consultation with the VP of Education, hear the auditions and make recommendations for scholarship awards. Contestants will be notified by mail of their results and will receive copies of the judges’ comments. No phone calls please.

Current Conservatory Students: Each department provides audition requirements appropriate to the department. These requirements include criteria based on age or length of study. Requirements are attached to the application.

Representative winners from the current Conservatory student categories may be invited to perform at the Honors Recital.

New Conservatory Students: Ten minutes are allotted for each participant in this category, however the duration of the audition is at the judge’s discretion. Each participant must perform two pieces, one fast and one slow. The two works must be different in style and by different composers. The pieces should demonstrate technical proficiency and lyrical style. Memorization is optional. Participants are allowed to bring their own accompanists; accompaniment is not provided. Any amplifiers or other equipment needed for the audition should also be provided by the participant. View 2017-18 audition requirements (PDF).

All participants who receive a scholarship are required to sign a contract outlining their responsibilities. Scholarship recipients who fulfill these conditions and responsibilities, along with the recommendation from their Conservatory teacher, will have a full range of additional scholarship or financial aid opportunities available to them for study at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Participants may only audition two times on their instrument in the New Student category.

Use of Scholarships

Scholarship awards are applied to full semesters of individual instruction. This is a credit which is applied toward the total tuition cost for the semester beginning Fall 2017. The full award is divided equally between the fall and spring semesters. In addition, piano, guitar, woodwind, brass, percussion, jazz, and string players at the intermediate and advanced levels are eligible to receive additional scholarship money to be applied toward tuition when they register for a Conservatory ensemble.

Thanks & Gratitude

Contributions from people who care about opportunities to learn and perform music make a difference in the quality and scope of music programs the Conservatory can offer. We are grateful to the donors whose generous contributions make these scholarships available. Award Recipients are encouraged to send a thank you letter to the donor responsible for their scholarship and to perform at a Conservatory or community event during the year in addition to the WCM Honors Recital. Scholarship winners may also apply and receive financial aid if qualified.

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