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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through our list of frequently asked questions, from commonly asked private lesson questions to which instrument you should choose.


Is my child old enough to begin taking lessons?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer to this question – it depends on the child. If you are looking for a bare minimum age, most of our teachers only take on students who are at least three or four years old, and voice teachers only take on students whose voices have already changed.

Regardless, you should discuss this question with any potential teacher before starting lessons, as children should only begin private instruction once their concentration and motor skills have developed enough to make study both fun and productive. An honest conversation with the teacher about your child’s personality, disposition, and development should provide sufficient information for them to offer an astute recommendation as to whether it makes sense to begin lessons now or wait a little longer.

Am I too old to begin taking lessons?

Definitely not. There is no age that is too old to begin or restart studying an instrument.

Do I need any musical experience prior to taking lessons?

None at all. Your teacher will meet you wherever you are at, whether that is no musical knowledge whatsoever or many years of lessons and experience.

How do I know which instrument to pick?

This can feel like an impossible decision, and there are really no right or wrong answers. Every instrument has its own personality and brings a wonderful and unique set of performance and ensemble opportunities down the line. Here is a helpful article that might help with the process. We also recommend calling Student Services at (414) 276 – 5760 if you’d like to talk with someone about this decision.

Are there practice rooms available for me to use?

Yes – our Prospect location has many practice rooms that can be checked out for free by any Conservatory student. All practice rooms have at least one piano, and all of our pianos are in excellent condition and regularly tuned.

Do I need to purchase an instrument to take lessons?

It is crucial to have an instrument at home so that you can practice in between lessons. This means that if you don’t have one, you will either need to buy one or rent one from a music store, both of which are popular options. The only possible exception is for piano students, who can use the pianos in our Prospect location’s practice rooms for daily practice. Of course, if regularly using these rooms is impractical or unrealistic, piano students also need to have an instrument at home.