Suzuki Practice Video: Mississippi Stop Stop Twinkle Sandwich


Suzuki Practice Video: Mississippi Stop Stop Twinkle Sandwich

Watch: Mississippi Stop Stop Twinkle Sandwich

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music faculty member, Talia Pavia, demonstrates Up Like a Rocket for violin and viola.

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music Suzuki faculty member and String Department Co-Chair, Charlie Rasmussen, plays the Mississippi Stop Stop Twinkle Sandwich for cello.

Charlie Rassmussen - I Love My Cello

Meet Charlie

Charlie Rasmussen has been a Suzuki cello instructor at the Conservatory since 2016, and is trained by the Suzuki Association of the Americas to teach Suzuki Cello Units 1-10 for a full range of students. Active as a modern cellist, baroque cellist, and viola da gambist, Charlie performs with the Wisconsin Baroque Ensemble and Sonata à Quattro. He has served as the principal cellist with the Danville Symphony Orchestra (VA) and the Madison Bach Musicians, and was the guest artist for the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater’s Cello Fest Clinic in May 2018. Charlie has recorded tracks for Grammy Award Winning Broadway composer, Paul Bogaev, and his solo CD, 11 Capricci by Joseph Dall’Abaco, was released by Centaur Records in July 2018.

Girl Playing Violin By Stairs

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Group classes & private lessons are together an essential component of the Suzuki Method. The method treats music education in the same way that people learn to speak their native language; through listening, imitation, and repetition in a positive, nurturing learning environment. At the heart of the Suzuki philosophy is the idea that everyone has talent and can become a successful, sensitive, and caring person through the study of music in the Suzuki method.

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