Stay at Home Music for Families

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Stay at Home Music for Families

From our homes to yours

Even though we can’t be together in person, our mission to you remains the same: to inspire you and your family through exceptional music education, accessible to all.

Over the next few weeks, we will be creating a series of activities, tips, and resources intended to help you make music a part of your day. Coming to you directly from our living rooms, spare bedrooms, and home studios, these will be free and available for all to enjoy.

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Stay at Home Music for Families

1. The Hello Song with Natasha Gall
2. Homemade Spanish Finger Clackers (Castanets) with Mitch Shiner


1. The Hello Song

Miss Natasha introduces “It’s So Good to See You,” one of the songs used at the beginning of our Early Childhood Music Classes to greet our youngest students and their families.

We hope you’ll listen, sing-along, move to the beat, and maybe even flap your arms like a chicken (!) while learning this adorable tune.



2. Make Your Own Finger Clackers (Castanets)

WCM Percussion and Jazz Faculty member Mitch Shiner shows you how to make your own castanets with bottle caps and cardboard!

Castanets are percussion instruments that are used primarily in Flamenco, the musical style from Spain that features guitar, voice, dance, castanets, and cajon.


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