Music Theory At The Conservatory

Music Theory

Music Theory At The Conservatory

Music Theory Courses

Become more fluent in reading music, and use pianos to help visualize the musical scale. Learn more about harmony and structures that composers use when writing music, and try your hand at writing music yourself! Develop and fine-tune your ear to recognize and be able to reproduce melodies and rhythms. Classes available at all levels, and a placement exam is offered to guide you into the correct class.



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Music Theory Assessment

To help find the class level that’s right for you, new music theory students will complete an assessment following registration.



Conservatory Prep Programs

Music Theory courses can be taken as part of a Conservatory Prep Package, which gives students a comprehensive and unparalleled music education. Students receive individual instruction on their instrument, a small group class with peers, and a music theory class – where students are given the tools to better understand the music that they are creating.

  • Suzuki Strings | Beginner | 3 – 18 years
  • Band Beginnings | Beginner | 9 – 14 years




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Music Theory Faculty

Meet Our Teachers


Jennifer Rodriguez Burke


  • Bachelor of Science, Music Education | Ball State University
  • Master of Arts (in progress), Flute Performance | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


  • Spent the past 5+ years teaching woodwind sectionals, flute sectionals, and private flute lessons at a variety of schools in the greater Indianapolis area.
  • Worked as the Community Programs Assistant for Classical Music Indy 2018-2019 and as Assistant Education Coordinator for the Muncie Symphony Orchestra in Spring 2018.
  • Worked as an Education Intern for the Chicago based not-for-profit, Fifth House Ensemble, in 2017.
  • Acted as inaugural secretary for the Flute Guild at Ball State University in 2017.
  • Performed Density 21.5 in Summer 2017 at the Milwaukee Art Museum through the Fresh Inc. Festival.
  • Sings with her band EKRUTEAK.
  • Spends her summers working as Program Coordinator for Music for the Sake of Music, a music not-for-profit providing free lessons and music ensembles in Green Bay, WI.

Adam Fisher


  • Bachelor of Science, Music Education | University of Wisconsin – La Crosse
  • Master of Music, Trumpet Performance | University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


  • Joined the Conservatory faculty in 2017.
  • Plays with groups such as the Wisconsin and Milwaukee Philharmonics and the Lake County Symphony Orchestra.
  • Premiered new music with Present Music and DIY Chamber Ensemble.
  • Plays in the pit orchestras of dozens of musicals around Wisconsin.
  • Taught master classes throughout the Midwest.

Rosemary McGee Walzer


  • Master of Music, Instrumental Conducting – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Bachelor of Music, Music Education – Heidelberg University


Why did you choose to work at WCM?

WCM has a long-standing tradition of nurturing musical talent and promoting artistic excellence. I wanted to be surrounded by students and faculty who share my love for music and also want to create an inspiring and dynamic learning environment.

What year did you start working at WCM?


Describe a musical experience or teacher that had a positive impact on you.

One of my favorite teachers always encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and open up to new musical experiences.