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Explore the areas below for information on upcoming Suzuki performances, weekly class schedules, and helpful resources for WCM Suzuki students, parents, and families.

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WCM Suzuki Group Class & Lesson Information


Weekly Calendar

Suzuki Group Class Schedule – Spring 2021 (PDF)



Group Class Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is important to the cohesiveness and development of the
classroom dynamic. Students are expected to attend only the group class section for which they are registered. In order to perform semester concerts and outreach events, students are allowed two excused absences per semester. Absences in excess of that will be discussed with the family by department chairs.


Purpose of Group Class

-To develop musical flexibility while learning the skill of playing and performing with others

-To improve motivation by learning and cooperating with peers

-To instill cooperation and discipline in following a leader within an ensemble

-To reinforce and improve technique through review repertoire

(For more depth regarding the purpose of group classes, see Group Class Notes by Suzuki Teacher Trainer, Teri Einfeldt – WCM Parent Reading Link for Nov. 2019 )


Private Lesson Length Suggestions

It is generally recommended that students plan on increasing lesson length for better pedagogical pacing and greater depth of instruction as students reach the following levels:

Late Book 1+ – 45 minute lessons

Books 3 or 4+ – 60 minute lessons

Upcoming WCM Suzuki Concerts & Performances

Stay tuned for updates on future performances and events!


spring Graduation – Saturday, march 27 at 3:00 pm

Students will submit their graduation piece video to Flipgrid and there will be a Zoom watch party that day.


final concert – Saturday, may 22 | 3:00 pm

The concert will be a play-in on Zoom. Violins/violas, cellos, and guitars will each have a separate play-in that day.


Virtual Outreach Performance

Information about this will be announced in September.

WCM Suzuki Policies


Parent-Student Expectations

One of the most unique and important hallmarks of Suzuki method instruction is the strong Suzuki Triangle, the relationship between Student, Teacher, and Parent. To foster this bond and to empower the parent to be the Teacher’s Assistant at home, parents are expected to give group classes their full attention, to take notes as in the private lesson, and to participate/mirror activities with the teacher and students. Please refrain from using technology during group classes and private lessons. It ensures a distraction-free environment for teachers and students, and demonstrates to the child that they have their parent’s full attention for these important classes.


Attendance Policies

Regular attendance at scheduled times is expected. Instructors are not required to make up private lessons that a student has missed. Make ups are offered at the instructor’s discretion. Lessons missed on the account of the instructor will be made up. There are no makeups for group classes and ensembles.



Cancellations will be posted on all local news stations and Private lessons canceled for winter weather or acts of nature will be made up at a later date. Group classes and ensembles cancelled for inclement weather or acts of nature will not be made up.

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For Students & Parents

Practice Video Library


Ant Song



Flower Song



Monkey Song



Star Spangled Banner #1 (Violin)



Star Spangled Banner #2 (Violin)



Up Like a Rocket



I Love My Cello



ant song (cello)



The dad song (cello)



The mom song (cello)



flower song (cello)



The i’m a little monkey song (cello)



The bread song (cello)



The cheese song (cello)



mississippi stop stop twinkle sandwich (cello)



Up Like a Rocket (cello)


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Parent & Student Resources


november Parent Article

Group Class Notes, by Teri Einfeldt

As I travel around the country for workshops, it is apparent that one thing lacking in many programs is a disciplined atmosphere for learning within the group class. Perhaps we teachers do not clearly communicate our expectations for group class to parents. Here are some ideas about group lessons that I have shared with parents in our program.



Tips for Suzuki Parents

Check out these 15 helpful tips for Suzuki Parents.



Parent’s equipment List

Here’s a helpful checklist for parents of Suzuki cello, violin, & viola students.